Susan J. Silvester – Bio

Susan J. Silvester is an interdisciplinary artist who is originally from the New York city area, before presently making her home in Sacramento, Ca. Her prior work experiences of working on TV show and sculpting prototype toys has influenced her current artwork. Her art practice includes working with digital media, painting, drawing, sculpture, encaustics and altered photography.

During her freelance days, her projects included  working on many TV commercials: The Pillsbury dough boy, Twizzlers candy, Teddy Graham cookies. Her illustrious background include working on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Santa and the Snowmen (a computed animated TV and IMAX movie), and the retired Back to the Future ride at Universal Studio.  In addition, she worked as a sculptor creating prototype toys, sold as Happy Meals for Wendy’s and Burger King and for Texas Instrument’s  educational division licenced to create Disney and Warner Brother characters based toys.

While living in New York City, Susan also has experience as an artist fabricator and created artwork for Robert Rauschenberg, Tom Wesselman, Marisol, and Lynda Benglis. This experience helped hone her skills in a variety of materials and in creating technically sound artwork.

Susan had also worked as a digital artist, originally as an animator on the PC game Rise of the Triad, and later as a designer of websites, such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the, and

Her artwork is all these experiences blended with an active imagination that she brings  into her unique vision.